Riom's historic center

Riom City Guide

Riom's historic center

Riom: a pretty town to discover during your stay in the hotel

Riom: « the rich market »

« Ricomagnum » is its Celtic name, meaning « the rich market », a name Riom carries well. A city of art and history, the historic capital of Auvergne brings an outstanding heritage under one roof. Many different eras, including the Middle Ages, Renaissance and XVII century, have made a mark on the city’s volcanic rock walls. To truly discover Riom you need to lose yourself in the city. Your steps will naturally guide you to the Clock Tower. An ancient belfry built during the Renaissance on medieval foundations, this lava stone tower proudly houses a sundial adorned with a coat of arms, the collar of the Order of St. Michael and the salamander of François 1st. The rue de l’Horloge has XVII and XVIII century façades. Look up to admire the gothic windows of no. 4. At n°7, Hotel Arnoux de Maison Rouge coat of arms rivals the beauty of the décor of the Hotel Guymoneau at n°12. Rue de la Harpe, place de la Fédération, rue du Commerce, de l’Hotel de Ville… Lose yourself in the « rich market » of architecture on offer.

Futher information:
Office de Tourisme Riom
27 Place de la Fédération,
63200 Riom