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Baster Museum

Baster: Motorcycle museum to see during your stay at the hotel

Baster Museum: for motorbike aficionados

Located next to ACE Hotel Riom, the Baster Museum is devoted to motorbikes, and traces the development of two wheelers from 1905 to 1985. French, Italian, British, American: there’s something for everyone to fall in love with! Either restored or in their original condition, over 400 two-wheelers are displayed in this unique exhibition. The décor sets the scene: enamel license plates, oil cans, collectable posters, and petrol pumps surround numerous iconic motorbikes such as the 4-cylinder TRAIN from 1930, the SS 100 Brough Superior SS 100 from 1927 and even a bright red 750 MV AGUSTA. The Baster Museum also has a wonderful collection of sidecars, each more impressive than the last. This museum will appeal to everyone, whether curious or a passionate aficionado like the museum’s founder: Guy Baster.

Found at: The Baster Museum is only 3 minutes away from our ACE Hotel Riom (2 minutes by motorbike!)

Musée Baster
101 Rue de l'Ambène
63200 Riom