The Farm Côte-à-Côte

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The Farm Côte-à-Côte

The Farm Côte-à-Côte: to discover during your stay in our hotel

The Farm "Côte-à-Côte": a quality choice

Located next to RIOM, the Mas de Davayat is the place to go for anyone who loves quality meat. There’s no middle-man here: the farmer sells direct to consumers. Straw-fed pigs, and grass-fed beef and chickens reared on GMO-free cereals. The common thread: love of well-reared and humanly treated animals that provide cutlets, bacon, roasts and sausages… that have an outstanding, authentic and honest taste. Grab your shopping basket: these farmers are well worth going out of your way for!

Found at: The farm "Côte-à-Côte is a 10-minute drive from our hotel in Riom.

Ferme Côte-à-Côte
Le Mas
63200 Davayat